‘Secret’ Icesave meeting in The Hague

icesave1-03923944Iceland’s Finance Minister and the heads of the opposition Independence Party and Progressive Party will meet today with the banking ministers of the Netherlands and the UK.

The unusual meeting including Icelandic politicians from the government and two biggest opposition parties will take place in The Hague and centre on the Icesave issue.

The reasons for the meeting and its potential outcomes are being kept secret by all parties, but it is known that the Icelandic parties had agreed to request the meeting on Wednesday and were already on a plane to the Netherlands yesterday.

It is thought the secrecy surrounding the meeting might be at the request of the British and Dutch.

Some question why no representatives of the Social Democrats or The Movement are included in the trip; but as the Finance Minister, Steingrimur J. Sigfusson, is the leader of a governing coalition party (the Left Green Movement), that is thought to have been enough for the Social Democrats.

Details of the outcome of the meeting are expected later today and no later than tomorrow, Visir.is reports.

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