Iceland Icesave referendum preparations begin

votingPreparations for Iceland’s national referendum on the so-called Icesave law have begun at the Ministry of Justice and the City of Reykjavik. Absentee voting begins next Thursday.

It is expected the referendum will cost the Icelandic state around ISK 200 million (USD 1.6 million).

According to Hjalti Zophaniasson from the Ministry of Justice, absentee voting slips will begin to be sent out today to district commissioners, embassies and consulates for the beginning of voting on the 28th January.

Absentee voting slips will be similar to those used in Iceland on 6th March, except a different colour. The slips ask the question whether the December Icesave Bill passed by parliament should be written into law or not.

The City of Reykjavik’s Olafur Kr. Hjorleifsson told RUV that the preparations for the referendum are quite normal compared to elections, except for the short time allowed to prepare. He said his staff are busy trying to ensure voting stations will be free on 6th March and that there are enough people available to man them.

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