Iceland – Haiti Wednesday update

icesarA charity concert will take place this evening at Reykjavik’s Nasa nightclub with performances from many of Iceland’s biggest music stars, both new and old. Reykjavik City Council has also pledged money to support Haiti. News of today’s massive aftershock, measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale, has only heightened the need for such fundraising.

The doors to Nasa open at 19.00 and tickets will cost ISK 1,000, with all proceeds going to the Icelandic Red Cross Haiti appeal.

Reykjavik City Council has also unanimously voted to donate ISK 100 per Reykjavik inhabitant to Haiti – amounting to ISK 12 million (USD 95,000).

The ICE-SAR rescue squad has released details of its Iceland-based support, which apparently involves the use of Google Maps of Haiti, which have apparently already been updated post-earthquake.

The website is an excellent source of information on the Icelandic Haiti rescue efforts and credit card donations to the charity can also be made on the site.

Photo: ICE-SAR

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