FT editor says British public supports Iceland on Icesave

FT1The British have started to feel ashamed of themselves for the fact that their government is pushing Iceland to take on an unbearable debt burden for Icesave – so says the Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator of British newspaper The Financial Times.

The Financial Times has published many articles in recent weeks apparently taking sides with the Icelanders in the Icesave issue, which Associate Editor Martin Wolf says is consistent with a shift in broader public feeling.

He says he feels the Icelandic president’s decision to send Icesave to a pubic referendum combined with some good Icelandic media sources have had a far bigger effect on opinion in the UK than the Icelandic government has.

Martin Wolf can be seen speaking in English with a short Icelandic introduction here (click on “Horfa á myndskeið með frétt”).

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