Danish political party calls for internet bomb recipe ban

computersThe Danish Socialist People’s Party (SF) has called for measures to prevent terrorism through a ban on surfing the internet for inspiration.

Bomb building manuals and videos from terrorist organisations are both readily available to download on the internet—which the popular left wing political party wants equated with child pornography, reports The Copenhagen Post.

The suggestion for the internet prohibition was made by SF in the wake of the attack at the home of Kurt Westergaard, the controversial Mohammed cartoonist. In that incident, a 28-year-old man from Somalia broke into Westergaard’s home armed with an axe and knife and threatened the artist. The man was already under minimal surveillance by PET, the Danish national intelligence agency, due to previous alleged connections to terrorist networks.

Other political parties in Denmark including the Social Democrats, the Danish People’s Party and the governing Liberal Party have all previously made calls for greater powers of deportation for authorities in cases of suspected terrorists, but SF has asked for intervention at an earlier stage.

“Just like we don’t allow people to surf the internet for child porn, we shouldn’t let people download bomb recipes or videos of beheadings,” said Karina Lorentzen, SF’s legal spokesperson. “Denmark should not be a home for people planning terrorism and we must therefore intervene early against people who are in the process of being radicalised,” Lorentzen stated.

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