Swedish women offer door-to-door prostitution at hotel

gavel3A Gothenburg businessman is facing charges of procuring sexual favours after he was the unwitting victim of a plan by a trio of women to make fast money to fund their night out.

The 36-year-old man was in Kalmar, where his trial will be heard, when the group of young ladies knocked on the door of his hotel room with an offer of sex for cash. Under Swedish law the women will not be charged as selling sex is not illegal. However, buying it is and the court will debate whether to proceed with a conviction against the man this spring.

The women decided on visiting the Kalmar hotel after their purses were emptied on a night out, reports The Local. Aged 19-21, the women chose door knocking in exchange for sexual favours as the best means of fast fundraising. Their first attempt was met with a closed door but this did not deter them.

“The idea was that we would take the money and run. If that didn’t work, all three of us would have sex with the man,” said one of the women in a police report.

The plan found a more willing participant when the man in question invited the women into his room after a brief haggle over price, eventually agreement was reached at SEK 1,500 (USD 210). Initial manoeuvres led the group to the bath tub where the man awaited while the girls prepared to flee with the cash.

“It wasn’t something we had decided. Originally we had intended giving him value for money,” said the 21-year-old. The plan was foiled when the man returned, prompting a heated argument and near-naked dash to reception by the women who claimed he had tried to rape them, before all parties returned to the room to hand back clothes and cash.

The above is mostly the account given by all three women involved, while the man insists there was nothing sexual about the meeting – despite being unable to explain the women’s state of near undress at the reception desk.

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