Iceland talking Icesave mediators though NL/UK still say no to new deal talks

suicideMPs from the smallest party in Iceland’s parliament say that they are against any future neutral mediator in the Icesave issue coming from a Scandinavian country. They told media that they cannot support an intermediary who comes from a country which has put so much political pressure on Iceland to obey the wishes of the Netherlands and the UK.

It remains possible that the Icesave issue will be renegotiated between Iceland and the Netherlands and UK. The Icelandic government has been meeting with opposition leaders in an attempt to hammer out a joint position on the matter, as well as working out what the contract would look like in an ideal world, if agreed on by all Icelandic political parties.

If the contract does end up being renegotiated, pressure and enthusiasm are mounting for the idea of bringing in a neutral mediator from an unconnected country to steer the talks.

Left Green MP Lilja Mosesdottir has, for example, stated her preference for Joschka Fischer, the former German Foreign Minister to be offered the role.

Birgita Jonsdottir, an MP for The Movement (formerly the Citizens’ Movement) says the parties involved should look to France or even the USA; but that Iceland should resist the idea of a mediator from Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. “We ask that he or she not come from Scandinavia. The same countries which have been putting the thumb screw on us over the Icesave issue,” she said.

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