Latvian FM wades into Icesave argument

LatviaLatvian Foreign Minister, Maris Riekstins, has spoken out in support of Iceland; telling Reuters that some nations’ response to the Icelandic president’s Icesave decision has been “exaggerated”. He explains that Iceland is simply following its own democratic rules.

He said that it is the Icelandic President’s constitutional right to send any bill to a public vote.

Riekstins told Reuters that the harsh reaction from the UK and Netherlands, among other things questioning the very basis of Icelandic politics, is exaggerated and raises questions about a nation’s right to carry out its own democratic processes in relation to agreements with other countries.

“Are these reactions coming just because Iceland is a small nation?” Riekstins asks, adding: “It is difficult to imagine these same countries would have acted the way they have against the French President [for example].”

He ended by saying that it remains clear that Iceland intends to stand by its obligations.

Latvia and Iceland have enjoyed a particularly close relationship since Iceland was the first nation to recognise Latvian independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

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