Is Iceland without Icesave allies?

reykjavik“Iceland is without friends in this war, with the exception of the Faroe Islands,” says Eirikur Tomasson, Law Professor during an interview with Icelandic State television.

“In the ‘Cod Wars’ we could deal with possible sanctions from the British by selling our fish to Russia; and at that time the US had an army base in Iceland and needed our help, so we had back-up from them also. Now the US has abandoned us and the Cold War is gone, and with it Russia,” he added.

“I am not sure that direct communication with the British and Dutch will take this matter any further; the question is now whether we need to get third party intervention from a nation like Spain, France, or even the EU,” Tomasson concluded.

Iceland’s relationship with other nations has been in the spotlight throughout the economic crisis and this further complication will ensure the issue stays in the news.

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