Icelandic government represented by top PR firm

skjaldamerkiIceland’s Ministry of Finance last year hired one of the most sought after PR companies in the world to protect Icelandic interests abroad and liaise with foreign media.

A representative of Financial Dynamics told that Icelandic ministers seem more willing than in other countries to answer media questions.

Financial Dynamics has been working in recent weeks to present the Icelandic government viewpoint with regard to Icesave and the Icelandic economy as a whole. The Icelandic government has previously been accused of not taking foreign media coverage seriously enough.

Andrew Walton from Financial Dynamics said yesterday that the company is working closely with the Finance Ministry and also with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and both ministers therein: Steingrimur J. Sigfusson and Gylfi Magnusson. Walton added that he has worked closely with many different governments, but seldom found ministers so keen to answer questions from foreign media.