Danish Free Press Society president Muslim slander uproar

arabicMorally deprived rapists are how Muslims have been described by the president of the Danish Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard.

Hedegaard’s comments have led to the resignation of three members of the Society to date, reports The Copenhagen Post. His anti-Muslim tirade came on the Snappen website where he accused Muslims of being unconscionable liars with no morals and accused them of rape of their own children.

“When a Muslim man rapes a woman, it is his right to do it,” said Hedegaard in the online interview as he expounded his interpretation of the principles of Islam. “Whenever it is prudent for a Muslim to hide his true intentions by lying or making a false oath in his own or in Islam’s service, then it is ok to do it,” he claimed.

The Free Press committee members Soren Pind and Naser Khader both resigned in the wake of Hedegaard’s statement while Christian minister Kathrine Lilleor was fired after stating she would quit if Hedegaard himself was not dismissed. The board of the society has supported Hedegaard claiming his remarks were of value in that they addressed the social taboo of criticising problems associated with Islam.

“It’s a very off-limits and delicate issue that one has to address with certain sensitivity – something that isn’t especially characteristic of Lars,” said board member Jette Plesner Dali to Politiken. ”It’s my feeling that an organisation such as the Free Press Society actually needs a president who can bulldoze his way through things a bit,” she added.

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