Finland to sell intimate toys in supermarkets

finland-supermarketOrdinary supermarkets will soon start to stock sex toys in Finland in what is believed to be a first for Nordic countries.

The new offerings will be offered at the chain of Citymarket stores and will include goods from Swedish marketer and organisation for sexual enlightenment RSFU, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

RSFU Spokesperson Tomi Lahtela argued that out of all the Nordic peoples those most likely to purchase and experiment with sex toys are the Finnish. In a recent study by the RSFU into Nordic sexual behaviour, some 65 percent of 20 to 45 year olds in Finland stated they would be interested in purchasing quality sex toys.

“Supermarkets already serve people’s needs in health and well-being. Therefore it is appropriate to bring products that promote sexual well-being into the selection,” said Lahtela.

Finland’s Ombudsman for Children, Maria Kaisa Aula, has expressed concerns over the move claiming lack of foresight in the decision. Aula said the new range of toys in supermarkets should not hasten discussions on sex among young children, while the Finnish Consumer Agency has demanded that all ‘adult’ products be placed well beyond children’s reach.

“Children should not be unnecessarily confused by these things. Children who haven’t encountered these items before wouldn’t necessarily know about them, or what they’re for. There’s no point in needlessly confusing them, and for that reason it would be good to place them in such a way that children won’t see them,” said Aula.

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