Morgunbladid HQ up for rent

mogginnThe headquarters of Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid are too big and have been advertised for rent in part or in whole.

The building on the outskirts of Reykjavik houses editorial staff, production staff, the advertising department and the offices of Morgunbladid and is 4,000 square metres in size, RUV reports. The advertisement states that the premises could be available to be moved into at short notice.

Morgunbladid moved to its new home in summer 2006 and does not own the building, but rents it from a property company called Klasa. The newspaper does, however, own the adjacent building which houses its printing presses.

When asked why Morgunbladid is considering moving out of its home, publisher Oskar Magnusson said that the building is simply too big; but would not comment further.

Halldor Eyjolfsson from Klasa said that a part of the building is not being well enough used and Morgunbladid wants to fill it up. However, he also said that if a potential client wants to take over the whole building, that is also an available option.

Before moving to Hadeigsmoa, Morgunbladid was based at Kringlan, also the site of a large shopping centre. Before that, it was based on Adalstraeti in the city centre. It is not known where the paper would move to if it leaves its current home; but the top floor of the print works owned by Morgunbladid is available and used to host the (now defunct) Bladid newspaper offices.