Copenhagen climate summit begins today

bella-centerOfficials from 192 countries are gathering today for the United Nations conference on climate change in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Heads of state or government from 100 nations will also attend, mostly during the final days before the 18th December.

While scientists and diplomats gather inside Copenhagen’s Bella Centre to discuss ways of reducing global carbon emissions and funding sustainable development in developing countries, protesters from all over the world are already gathering outside trying to add another level of persuasion.

On other subjects, Copenhagen organisers have banned Christmas decorations in and around the conference centre, including rejecting the offer of free Christmas trees. The Copenhagen Post reports that the decision was made because the conference centre effectively becomes neutral UN territory, where Christmas has no place.

Copenhagen prostitutes have protested a campaign aimed at persuading conference guests to “be sustainable, don’t buy sex!” City officials have contacted hotels across the city asking them not to arrange sex workers for guests. A group of prostitutes has responded by offering free sex to conference delegates.

Finally, the Danish police force has politely declined Swedish offers to send up to 600 police officers to help ensure security at the conference. This refusal comes despite the fact that local officers are being asked to work round the clock.

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