Will Robbie Rotten win out?

latibærOne of the world’s favourite Icelandic exports, the children’s television show Lazy Town, could be forced off the air if parent company Lazy Town Entertainment cannot service its large debts.

Lazy Town Entertainment is in a debt hole amounting to around GBP 15 million and is in discussions with creditors to find a solution. The company boss and founder, Magnus Scheving (a.k.a. Sportacus) said that most bondholders have already agreed to debts being paid back “over the next few years”.

As well as the television programme shown in over 100 countries, Lazy Town also has a large range of merchandise available, from clothing and shoes to computer games and bicycles.

Lazy Town is all about getting children to eat healthily and be active, and the television show follows Sportacus as he tries to keep Lazy Town healthy while Robbie Rotten does all he can to thwart the hero’s efforts.

Britain’s The Sun – always on hand with a witty headline – has renamed him Poortacus.