Bill Clinton could lead Iceland

dagblöðinThe publisher of Iceland’s DV newspaper and former aide to the Prime Minister, Hreinn Loftsson says in an opinion piece that the Icesave question will not be satisfactorily answered without the assistance of high-level and impartial international help. He believes Althingi and the Icelandic government should ask Bill Clinton to work for them as a mediator.

Loftsson says on that it has been sad to follow Althingi’s Icesave debates in recent days and weeks. He believes that with such strong and organised opposition from the parliamentary opposition parties and nearly 30,000 signatories to a petition calling on the President to veto the Icesave loan agreement if and when it passes parliament, further negotiations between Iceland, the Netherlands and the UK are the only way.

Unlike in the previous two rounds of discussions, this time Iceland should be represented by somebody like Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States – somebody internationally recognised and with a proven track record of being a good and impartial mediator. The mediator would also serve as an anchor for Iceland’s politicians who have largely been acting shamefully, using Icesave to score political points when they should be speaking to the world with a united voice, Loftsson believes.

Loftsson describes the bill currently being debated by parliament as salt to Iceland’s wounds which was deliberately applied when the Netherlands and the UK decided to reject some of Iceland’s proposed changes to the agreement in the summer. Iceland simply cannot tolerate the unfairness of the Icesave debt burden as it currently stands, he says.

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