Scandinavian journalists criticise Icelandic media

david-oddssonThe journalists’ associations of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark released a joint statement this week saying they have strong reservations about developments in the Icelandic media since the banking crisis, especially the hiring of David Oddsson as editor of daily newspaper Morgunbladid.

The joint statement says that many experienced Icelandic journalists have been laid off without due notice and that these developments present a real danger to journalistic freedom in the country. They say Icelandic media should have more freedom and impartial leadership to adequately cover the country’s economic situation.

The Nordic associations question the logic of hiring the former Prime Minister and central bank head at the time of the crash, at a time when he himself is a focus of media attention.

The fact that the current chairman and vice chairman of the Icelandic Journalists’ Association have both recently been made redundant from their journalistic positions is also cited as cause for concern in the joint statement. The Scandinavian journalists’ associations closed their statement with an invitation to their Icelandic peer association to hold a conference in Iceland to discuss the state of Nordic journalism generally and to jointly address the issues raised.

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