Reykjavik dims lights, saves money

Reykjavik-nightReykjavik city plans to save ISK 45 million per year by cutting back on street lighting, according to Sighvatur Arnarsson, head of the city’s Asset Management department.

The city is making the savings by setting its automatic light sensors to trigger street lights with lower levels of ambient daylight – down to 20 Lux from 50. That effectively means the lights will come on slightly later and turn off slightly earlier.

The shift apparently brings Reykjavik street lighting standards in line with most other major northern European cities, RUV reports.

Reykjavik has 4-5 inhabitants per street light compared to an average of 9-10 in American cities.

The Reykjavik move was, however, carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Icelandic Roads Administration whose job it is to ensure the country’s roads are as safe as possible.

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