Iceland celebrates Thanksgiving 2009

thanksgiving-turkeyMany Icelanders are commemorating the 2009 Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend by holding various parties and serving traditional U.S and Icelandic cuisine for travellers from across the Atlantic.

Iceland prides its own unique Thanksgiving dining experience for both U.S pats and Icelanders. How about trying some cubed Hakarl, that’s fermented shark, traditionally served on toothpicks and washed down with a shot of local favourite Brennivin? Or maybe try some sliced Hangikjot, smoked lamb, on flat bread followed by a kleina? However, never fear traditionalists, ‘homely’ turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie are all on the menu at numerous top class restaurants in Reykjavik.

With Thanksgiving celebrations in mind, the Nordic Store, Iceland’s leading online product retailer, has announced a four-day sale offering up to 20% off on all woollen products, 15% off all jewellery and 10% off all Outdoor clothing – expect to see named brands 66° North and ZO-ON at incredible prices. This unmissable shopping opportunity ends on 30th November – So hurry and pick up all of your essential Icelandic clothing for this winter.

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