Danish immigrants to receive leaving bonus

danish-kronerImmigrants who will not or cannot integrate effectively into Danish society are set to receive a handout, if they are willing to leave for home.

The Danish People’s Party’s (DF) stance on immigration has been further strengthened with the arrangement which will see foreigners deemed ‘anti-social’ paid DKK 100,000 to depart the country. The proposal is part of the DF’s budget negotiations with the government and has been agreed upon by both parties according to The Copenhagen Post.

Under the scheme, the handout for repatriation would take over from a similar scheme currently offering up to DKK 28,256 to refugees and those in the country for family reunification purposes to go home. Half of the current bonus is normally paid to departing refugees 12 months after their return home and upon expiry of their Danish residency rights. The new legislation means a foreigner returning home will be paid the DKK 100,000 bonus immediately upon their return and formal renouncing of residency rights.

The term ‘anti-social’ has not yet been defined by the DF or the government other than to say that the programme is aimed towards those foreigners that ‘can’t or won’t integrate’.

Pia Kjaersgaard, the DF party leader, said the agreement would save substantial sums of money in costs which are currently absorbed by regional and local councils. “Society will save a lot on an immense number of charges and problems. We already know that there are problems with nursing homes and have been problems with hospitals and health charges,” Kjaersgaard stated.

Local councils will be provided access to a pool of some DKK 20 million which can be used as motivation for foreign returnees and will receive a full refund on any repatriation costs as opposed to the existing 75 percent payment.

The DF has also managed to secure additional measures to tackle immigration, including a DKK 10 million budget for new scanners at Danish border control points that can improve passport control through accessing Interpol databases for fraudulent documents.

Danish opposition parties are unimpressed by the new agreement which they claim sends a clear message to foreigners that they are not welcome in Denmark.

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