Icesave bill continues its slow progress

icesave1-0392394The Icelandic government’s latest bill concerning state responsibility for Landsbanki’s failed Icesave accounts in the Netherlands and the UK was passed last night by the Althingi appropriations committee.

The bill was passed with the votes of members of the governing parties and voted against by the opposition parties. The committee’s vice chairman says he hopes the bill will make it onto the debating schedule in the Althingi parliament today, reports.

Bjorn Valur Gislason, the Left Green vice chairman of the appropriations committee, said the members from the opposition parties did not feel the bill had been discussed thoroughly enough and that the opinions of the finance and tax committees should be sought on the matter. “According to the majority, nothing new came up in the opinion of this committee which has called for further discussions. It was just the same points already discussed this summer,” Gislason said.

“My hope is that it will be submitted as parliamentary business [today] and it will hopefully receive its second reading this week,” he continued.

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