Indian electric cars to be made in Iceland?

umferðIndia’s Reva Electric Car Company this week announced it wants to establish an assembly plant in Iceland. Reva is working with investment firm Northern Light Energy for the project and hopes to be able to start developing electric vehicles in Iceland.

“Iceland is being considered by Reva as a possible site for a European assembly plant,” the company said in a statement without giving further details.

Under the agreement, Northern Light Energy (NLE) would become the sole distributor for Reva’s NXR and NXG cars in Iceland, the statement.

Independently of Reva, NLE already had a project goal for 2012 to develop infrastructure and services for electric vehicles in Iceland.

Reva’s NXR and NXG vehicles are scheduled for global launch in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and were on show at the Frankfurt Auto Fair in September.

“The 2012 project is one of the most ambitious yet achievable transport electrification projects in the world today and we are pleased to be able to contribute our technologies and products,” Reva President (European Operations) Keith Johnston said.

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