Iceland holds national meeting

joðfundur(UPDATED 16 November) A group of 1,200 Icelanders considered statistically representative of the population was brought together Saturday for the first time in an attempt to “harvest the wisdom of the crowd”.

The group of people aged 18 and over were picked randomly from the national registry to be invited to attend the event at Reykjavik’s Laugardalsholl arena, along with 300 representatives of organisations and institutions.

They were asked to name the values Icelandic society should be based upon, as well as their vision for Iceland’s future and possible ways of action to rebuild the country’s economy and society. The results are freely available to anyone who wants to take part in the rebuilding effort.

A summary of key results is already available in English here.

The event was a privately-organised grassroots event, although a week ago the government decided to invest ISK 7 million in the project. Other funding comes from businesses and individuals.

Similar groups are regularly sampled for polls and surveys; but never before have they been brought together in person in this way.

Organisers, many of whom have strong political and business links, plan to work with all present to formulate a 52-week national recovery plan with a tangible goal for the nation to achieve every week.

The motto of the National Meeting organised by a group calling itself The Anthill is, “a date with the future”.

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