Bitter tears over fond Fanta Lemon farewell

fanta-lemon“I’ve known about this for a little while. These are naturally sad times for us lemon men,” says Henry Birgir Gunnarsson, sports journalist with Frettabladid and one of Iceland’s premier Fanta Lemon drinkers. Fanta Lemon is due to be removed from sale shortly, despite remaining popular.

When the drink was reborn in Iceland, Gunnarsson got a whole car boot full of the stuff which he has now finished with. “I actually gave most of it away to friends and relatives. To spread the gospel of what an immensely good drink this is,” the man now mourning the impending loss of Fanta Lemon told DV. But he is not totally lemonless, as he has already stocked up with enough to last him the winter.

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