Sweden contemplates new nuclear power plants

nuclearThe state-owned power company Vattenfall has unveiled plans that may lead to at least one new Swedish nuclear power station, according to a press statement by the firm.

At a recent press conference, Vattenfall acknowledged its ongoing relationship with Industrikraft Sweden — which was formed in 2008 to provide nuclear power to the Swedish industry, according to The Local.

“We at Vattenfall are very happy to be able to continue our close partnership with representatives for Swedish industry and work together to develop energy solutions for the future,” said vice CEO Hans von Ulthmann. Several major Swedish firms including SCA, Boliden, Holmen paper and Eka Chemicals have thrown their support behind Industikraft.

Industrikraft Sweden is an extension of the successful Norwegian organisation and was created just months before a moratorium on new nuclear plant construction was lifted by the Swedish government. The decision has allowed for the potential construction of ten new reactors at existing nuclear facilities, with the next phase to investigate partnership projects.

“The partnership is fully in line with our long-term strategic goal ‘Making Electricity Clean’ and contributes to the achievement of stated climate goals,” said Lars G Josefsson, CEO of Vattenfall.

The Swedish state retains the final decision on any new nuclear facility construction on its soil.

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