Icelandic farmers suffering high energy costs

islenskt-grænmetiMarket gardeners in Iceland distributed vegetables outside parliament yesterday as part of their protest at the high cost of electricity. The protest was timed to coincide with a parliamentary debate about greenhouse farmers and the increasing cost of electricity.

Head of the Association of Horticulturalists, Bjarni Jonsson handed Jon Bjarnason, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, a selection of vegetables and a basket of flowers at the protest at the same time as challenging the minister to help, reports. But this highly public vegetal gift will probably not be declared on the Minister’s next tax return.

“The cost of electricity for greenhouse horticulturalists has increased by 30 percent since January this year and it is causing farmers to leave the lights off in the grow houses for longer each day. The production of Icelandic tomatoes has decreased by 17 percent so far this year,” the Association says in a press statement.

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