Giant hotel planned for Reykjavik shoreline

skuggahverfiThe development company Thyrping has applied for permission to turn one of the unfinished luxury apartment towers on Reykjavik’s northern shore into a 160-room hotel. The head of the company says that the people who will have to decide on the application are the same people who previously wanted to build a 400-room hotel in the exact same neighbourhood.

Oddur Vidisson says that Thyrping is working with an Icelandic hotel chain, the owners of which are very interested in opening a 140-160-room hotel in the tallest tower at Skulagata. Thyrping has applied to the planning council to change the tower’s purpose due to difficulty in selling the still-incomplete luxury apartments. No official response to the application has been received yet.

Vidisson pointed to the fact that preparations for a 400-room hotel at the new national conference and concert centre have been dropped. The city and the state were very supportive of the original hotel idea, so Vidisson believes they should also give his idea serious consideration because it is only a few streets away from the conference centre.

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