E-reader from Amazon released in Denmark

amazon-e-readerThe popularity of E-reading is expected to increase following Amazon’s decision to launch their best-selling model internationally. The Kindle program is an electronic paper display which requires no computer, synching or cables and offers hundreds of thousands of best-selling titles which can be downloaded in less than a minute.

Amazon has also suggested that Danish material may soon be available to the country’s Kindle users as the online shopping giant seeks to broaden the scope and material of the highly successful programme. Kindle and the updated Kindle 2 have been the dominant force in the electronic book market in the US, and the Danish offering is expected to see similar results according to the Copenhagen Post.

The Kindle E-reader is around A3 size and allows users to purchase and download titles directly using wireless technology. The reader also offers a range of blogs, newspapers and magazines along with free samples to help readers decide whether to buy. The Kindle E-reader has been called the future of reading and features a 6 inch display with a sale price of around USD 150.

Senior vice-president of Amazon, Steve Kessel, said that no figures were available as yet given the very recent 19 October release date for the international version; but added that he expected strong sales performance. “In the first instance we want to concentrate on launching the Kindle internationally. But in the long-term, we do want to sell e-books in Danish. Denmark is a market where we’re already selling books,” Kessel stated.

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