Iceland bank crash investigator in the FT

FTBritish newspaper The Financial Times is running an article about Olafur Thor Hauksson, Iceland’s Special Prosecutor investigating the banking crisis. In the article Eva Joly, the famous fraud investigator and Hauksson’s key international adviser, complimented him as “very hard working and very honest”.

Joly illustrates her point by saying that despite working in Reykjavik and living in Akranes and despite occasional weather that can seriously inhibit driving, Hauksson has never been away from the office for more than half a day.

The article also quotes Joly as saying the investigations will take around five years to complete, reports.

The FT article states that some doubt Hauksson’s ability to successfully lead the investigation – pointing to the fact that his previous experience is only as police chief in a town of 6,500 people.

Hauksson is interviewed in the article; undisturbed by the pressure, he feels he has grown well into his new job and asks people simply for patience. He says he and his staff have been working hard to first fully see the big picture before zooming in closely.

The original FT article can be read here.

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