Christmas celebrations in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens

Christmas in TivoliEvery November the Tivoli amusement park opens its doors for the Christmas in Tivoli festivities, which take place in the magical Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, hosting over 70 market stands that offer an abundant selection of Danish decorations, presents, delicacies, and beverages. Over the years the event has earned itself a reputation as a firm family favourite with the locals and a must-attend event in the heart of Denmark’s capital city.

The Christmas in Tivoli event lights up the Tivoli Gardens every year with the miles upon miles of fairy lights that stretch all around the park. Over one-thousand-eight-hundred light chains weave throughout the willows that are situated around The Tivoli Lake, a further five thousand metres branch around the magnificent Christmas Tree that towers in the centre of the garden, captivating the crowds that flock there every year to experience all the amazing festivities that the Danish amusement park has to offer.

The Christmas in Tivoli villages are always buzzing with life with more than 70 stall holders moving in, offering a wide range of Danish decorations, presents, delicacies, and food and drink. As well as this, Tivoli hosts 38 different restaurants that cater for every taste from modern cuisine to traditional Danish food and fast food but in addition offer traditional Christmas delicacies in the spirit of the event.

An open air stage hosts Santa’s sleigh, which is full of presents ready for all the children to visit and have their picture taken with Santa Claus. During Christmas in Tivoli, Pixieville offers Tivoli-guests a first-hand insight into the lives of those small Christmas pests. All of Tivoli’s rides are open as usual, and in the Glass Hall and the Concert Hall there is family entertainment appropriate for every generation.

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