Swedish woman injured in unprovoked elk attack

elk1The Swedish residential area of Utby on the outskirts of Gothenburg was the scene of a bizarre assault recently when a local woman was sent tumbling in a seemingly unprovoked attack by an elk. The woman, who was walking her dog at the time, is said to be recovering well after the surprise attack according to news source The Local.

Monica Engstrom spoke to newspapers following the incident claiming the elk ran directly at her. “I didn’t have time to realise what was going on, it just came roaring across and kicked me down with its hind legs.” The assault occurred as Engstrom was enjoying her morning walk in the western town with her trusted companion Svennis. Engstrom advised that she was in the process of waiting for Svennis to finish his morning ablutions in her sister’s back yard when the elk attacked, emerging from the dawn darkness much to her and Svennis’s surprise.

“I was so scared I woke up the entire neighbourhood; they probably thought it was some sort of assault. And it was, except by an elk,” she explained. Engstrom claimed to suffer from a variety of pains and aches following the incident, including fears of a potential concussion. “I fell backwards and got a real kick to the head. It was like getting hit by a train or a tram”.

Engstrom has vowed to be more vigilant on future ventures as she remains disturbed by the hostility shown towards her by the elk, although some have suggested that Svennis may have been more of a reason for the attack.

“I’m not going outside in the morning, that’s for sure,” Engstrom stated, before adding: “If you ask me, wild animals should stay in the woods.”

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