New figures document the lives of Nordic men

vikingThe predicted life expectancy of Icelandic men is the highest in the Nordic countries. In addition to this, Icelandic women come a close second to the Swedes. The predicted life expectancy of a newborn boy in Iceland today is 79.6 years – a Nordic record.

This information comes from a new Nordic statistics document which combines figures from the five Nordic countries, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Aland Islands. Finnish and Danish men can expect to live 76.3 years, which is the shortest life expectancy of the sovereign Nordic nations.

The lives of Greenlandic men is still shorter though, reports – with life expectancy in 2007 of just 66.3 years.

The figures reveal that 80 percent of Icelandic men do not smoke, and 87 percent of Swedish men do not smoke (although the popular Swedish snus mouth tobacco is not mentioned).

The most popular name for newborn boys in Iceland is still Jón; while in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the most popular is Lucas.

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