Sweden disappeared offline

cablesSweden entirely disappeared from the internet earlier this week. The glitch was caused by human error and could have had serious long-term effects.

The scenario of an entire nation disappearing from the Web should be impossible by all accounts; but a standard update from the Stiftelsen for Internetinfrastruktur (SfI), which manages all website addresses ending in .se, contained some incorrect information which caused all websites to go down – some for as little as 15 minutes and others for much longer.

The sending of an incorrect zone file caused the error which was spotted by SfI’s sister organisation in Denmark who quickly told Sweden of their error.

If the error was not spotted so quickly, there could have been no Sweden online come Tuesday morning and permanent damage could have been caused. Questions are being asked in Sweden over how safe the country’s internet infrastructure really is, mbl.is reports.

If one technician can accidentally cause a nationwide blackout, what would happen if criminals launched a deliberate attack?

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