Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower due to burst into life in Iceland

Imagine Peace TowerThe world famous artist, musician, and peace advocate Yoko Ono is currently in Iceland for the annual lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower, a work of art that she dedicated to the memory of her late husband John Lennon, and also as a beacon for world peace.

The Imagine Peace Tower is situated on the small island of Videy in Kollafjordur Bay near Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. The tower is a huge beam of light projected from a white stone monument in the form of a wishing well that has the words ‘Imagine Peace’ carved into it in 24 different languages.

The tower of light consists of 15 large searchlights surrounded by a number of prisms that act like mirrors, reflecting the light vertically into the sky, usually reaching an altitude of at least 4000 meters. Buried underneath the wishing well style tower are over half a million written wishes that people from all around the world have sent to Yoko Ono over the years as part of another art project entitled ‘Wish Trees’.

The Imagine Peace Tower lights up the sky above Reykjavik every year between October 9th (John Lennon’s birth date) and December 8th (the date of his death). This year, according to the City of Reykjavik, Yoko Ono is offering free ferry crossings to Videy on the 9th, 10th, and 11th October, and also inviting everyone to attend a free John Lennon memorial concert taking place at Hafnarhusid in downtown Reykjavik on the 9th October at 22:00.

Further information on the event can be found here and for general details about visiting Iceland log on to www.visiticeland.com

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