Left Greens try to resuscitate Iceland government

VGThe parliamentary group of Iceland’s Left Green Movement will meet this afternoon upon their leader, Steingrimur J. Sigfusson’s return home from the IMF annual meeting in Turkey. The meeting is being described by some as a last gasp attempt to breathe life back into the party’s coalition government with the Social Democrats.

The party’s deputy leader, Katrin Jakobsdottir confirmed that Sigfusson will attend the meeting if his flight is not delayed. She said that the continuation of the current government will almost certainly be discussed, but that she expects everybody to be in a reconciliatory mood, Eyjan.is reports.

Disquiet has been growing in the Left Green party in recent weeks and months and came to a head with last week’s resignation of Health Minister Ogmundur Jonasson. Most Green MPs remain publicly supportive of the present government however; and it is not considered likely that the rebels will gain the upper hand at today’s meeting.

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