British and Dutch stance on Icesave hardening

icesave1-0392394The British, Dutch and Icelandic foreign ministers met late last week in New York as a side meeting to the United Nations summit happening at the same time. The issue under discussion was Icesave, with the Dutch and British ministers apparently insistent that the entire loan be paid by Iceland, even if it drags on after 2024.

Icelandic Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson told RUV that although the British and Dutch position on Iceland’s proposed repayment conditions is not yet the formal position of their governments, the conversation at the meeting was nevertheless heated. He said he laid out Iceland’s position and opinions very clearly for the two ministers, but that they did not change their points-of-view. They both maintain that there must be a clear assurance that the full balance of the loan will be paid off, even after 2024.

Final attempts to create a united position between the three nations will be made over the coming days. It is obvious that the British and Dutch will not accept the Icelandic conditions as they stand, Skarphedinsson said.

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