Swedish major fired after drunken antics in Congo

congo1Excessive drinking and allegations of sexual relations with a native woman whilst stationed abroad in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have cost a major in the Swedish armed forces his job.

The Local revealed that the major was last week advised that his services were no longer required as part of the UN observation mission force (MONUC) in the DRC and that he is to return to his home in Gavle in Sweden’s east.

The drinking habits of the major had previously not gone unnoticed by colleagues in the DRC and he had already been reported for a variety of alcohol-related misdemeanours. In a report to the disciplinary offences board for military personnel, Anders Lindstrom, Director of Operations with the Armed Forces within the MONUC force deemed that the major had displayed behaviour unsuitable for a man in his position, and made the recommendation that the officer be removed from his post.

Initially there was an attempt to keep the matter in-house, by senior figures at the MONUC, but the board was advised otherwise after local women were found being entertained in the room of the miscreant major. In a letter to the board, a colleague wrote of the offences that: “The major was at the time very drunk and definitely did not fulfil the criteria for service”.

The military personnel offences board declared the behaviour “unacceptable” and a breach of safety precautions, deciding to dismiss the accused from the force. “In light of the code of ethics and code of conduct, which aim to maintain the local population’s respect for the Swedish personnel, the major must have realised the consequences of his actions,” it wrote.

The major has denied the allegations of both intoxication and sexual relations. He had been stationed in the DRC since November 2008 and was due to complete his tour in November this year.

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