Swedish celebrity housewife slams her “tragic” homeland

anna-ankaAnna Anka, the Swedish-born wife of legendary cabaret singer Paul Anka, has berated Swedish men for their “tragic” house husbandry ways in her column on opinion site Newsmill.

The proudly American Los Angeles housewife has slammed the men of her homeland for “equality nonsense” which includes changing nappies, preferring instead the American system, where she claims real dads do not iron or do dishes.

Swedish paper, The Local reports that Anka’s outbursts have followed her recent rise to fame as a participant in the latest TV reality show Svenska Hollywoodfruar or “Swedish Hollywood Wives”. She has also suggested that she could become something of a role model for women of Sweden stating that: “In Sweden it is acceptable to let yourself go, as long as you get your man. I feel sorry for Swedish men who marry beautiful women, who then quickly become unattractive, dress sloppily and neglect their husband’s needs”.

Anka has hailed the U.S as a country where “men are men, and women are women”, with housewives living up to their role of beautiful, well dressed companions in return for economic security on the part of the man. “Swedish dads are tragic with all their nappy-changing and equality. A real American man panics if he is alone with a child for more than 20 minutes. American dads do not prepare dinner and do not iron, they work and provide for their families,” Anka went on to add in her tirade against Swedish values.

Mrs Anka also claims that infidelity on the part of a husband is merely a sign of the woman’s inability to keep him sexually satisfied. Her parting shot on her blog urges Swedish women to pursue a path away from the “Jante Land” or motherland with its delusions of grandeur.

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