Icelandic companies happy with Nordic Climate Solutions

windEnvironmental and climate issues were at the forefront at the Nordic Climate Solutions conference and expo held on 8th and 9th September in the Bella Center, Copenhagen. A special expo was organised this year to run alongside the main conference, where companies specialising in energy efficiency and renewable energy were able to exhibit.

The Trade Council of Iceland organised the participation of three private Icelandic companies in the field:

Landsvirkjun: a leader in the production of electricity from emission free renewables in Iceland and a successful competitor internationally in attracting power-intensive industries to Iceland.

Marorka: a leading provider of energy management solutions for the international shipping industry. Marorka’s products and services enable vessel operators to optimize fuel consumption by maximizing the energy efficiency of their vessel or fleet.

And Iceland’s Institute for Meteorological Research; which focuses on research in meteorology and related fields with special emphasis on numerical simulations of the effects of orography on atmospheric flow.

Nordic Climate Solutions is one of the largest conferences and expos in Northern Europe where environmental, transport and energy companies come together.

The conference is held every year with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers – of which Iceland currently holds the annual rotating presidency and council head Halldor Asgrimsson gave a speech at the end of the conference entitled ‘The Nordic Region as the Green Valley of Europe’, where he emphasised the importance of the renewable energy research and development going on in the Nordic region with support from the Council of Ministers.

Around 1200 guests from diverse areas attended the conference and expo – including Nordic and EU politicians, representatives of the energy, technology and high tech industries, as well as scientists and environmental experts.

This was the third annual Nordic Climate Solutions conference, and all participants are supposed to be united in their will to counteract the negative impacts humans are having on the environment and the atmosphere.

The conference is seen as a way for Nordic companies to bring their sustainable development, renewable energy or other environmentally positive ideas to the attention of the wider world.

Representatives of all three Icelandic companies involved took the time to thank The Trade Council of Iceland for organising their participation, and all expressed an interest in going to Nordic Climate Solutions again next year.

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