For great tours, Iceland is the place

highnorth-icenewsDespite the many options available for tours in Iceland, none can beat the durability and the personal touch of the super jeep tour – and the prices are now lower than many visitors imagine.

Visitors to Iceland have three main ways to get out and experience the wild nature; the first is the coach tour. But a coach tour is the same ponderous, cramped, uncomfortable experience it is anywhere else in the world – and certainly not the ideal way to connect with the pristine open Icelandic nature.

Renting a car is also a very well-used option among tourists, but they are also far from ideal. For a start, it is impossible to know all the best places in an unfamiliar country. Secondly, visitors would usually rather watch the passing landscape than concentrate on the passing tarmac. Thirdly, and most importantly, two-wheel-drive rental cars are not allowed on Iceland’s gravel mountain roads – that is to say MOST of the country’s roads. And 4×4 hire can be prohibitively expensive.

The third, final, best and ultimate choice is a personalised Iceland super jeep tour, just like the ones offered by High North. In the murky past when the Icelandic krona was still over valued and High North was still only the dream of its adventurous owners, super jeep tours were an expensive luxury for foreign visitors. Now they are within far easier reach.

Owned and run by fun and well-qualified guides who know Iceland in and out, High North endeavours to make every single trip a unique experience. The guides achieve this by trying to enjoy every Iceland tour as much as their guests do.

High North customers can choose from the company’s offering of off-the-shelf tours of Iceland’s most popular tourist hotspots (each with a unique added twist, of course); or they can arrange great value tailored tours to the customer’s exact specifications.

From tracing the sagas to tracing elves in the hills, or from scooting over glaciers to fishing Iceland’s best salmon rivers, the experts at High North can help you get the most out of your trip in Iceland, whatever that means to you.

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