Commissioner Rehn presents EU questionnaire to Icelandic PM

icelandeu-2209098The European Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn, today presented Iceland’s Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir with a questionnaire assessing the country’s readiness to fulfil EU membership obligations. The responses provided by the Icelandic authorities will serve as a basis for the Commission to prepare an opinion on Iceland’s application for membership of the EU, which will then be submitted to the European Council.  

“Receiving the questionnaire marks yet another step by Iceland on its journey towards full EU membership”, the Prime Minister said.  “Iceland is already an active participant  in European cooperation as a full member of the EU´s Single Market and the Schengen Agreement, and a founding member of NATO and the OSCE. We are well prepared and believe we will be able to submit our answers to the EU within a reasonably short time,” she added.

The questionnaire includes 2,000 questions in 33 chapters. Individual ministries and governmental institutions will now start preparing answers to the questionnaire, which the Icelandic authorities hope will be concluded in the coming months.

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