Danish Couple Kidnapped by Violent Drug Addicts

syringeA couple was forced to endure an ‘orgy of violence’ on the Danish island of Mors as local drug addicts forced them to dig their own graves, threatened them with drug overdoses and physically abused them while in capture.

A group of five men and one woman have been arrested over the incident which followed an argument over missing jewellery. The suspects are due to appear in a remand hearing in the town of Nykobing. The group is already known to police as part of Mors’s drug addict environment.

Central and Western Jutland Police Chief Inspector Andreas Sogaard said: “The attackers threatened the couple with a syringe with something in it and said it was an overdose. The victims were stuck in the arm several times, but they apparently couldn’t hit a blood vessel.”

On Monday the couple, a man aged 29 and a woman aged 49, were abducted and driven to a residence near Eslev where it is alleged that hours of abuse took place. “This was extreme violence,” Sogaard claimed.

Aside from the threat of overdose, the couple were also threatened with having fingers removed and even being sawn in half by chainsaw. Hot branding irons were used on the man with both victims forced to dig their own graves.

The pair was able to escape early the following morning and call for help. “They clearly thought they were going to die. They are now in contact with their own doctor and a crisis psychologist,” Sogaard says.

According to Politiken, police say the group believed the couple had stolen jewellery from two of its members.

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