Iceland’s mid Atlantic hub airport one of Europe’s best

images3Keflavik International Airport is the main mid-Atlantic hub airport and boasts high quality, comprehensive facilities designed to serve aviation on the ever-important polar and transatlantic routes – in addition to freight and passenger flights to and from Iceland. Keflavik International Airport consistently places among the top airports in Europe in ACI surveys. ACI (Airports Council International) surveys monitor passengers’ opinions on more than 30 different aspects of airport service and Keflavik is now the best in Europe in several crucial areas, and second overall, according to the most recent survey.

Iceland is among the only places in Western Europe still able to provide passengers with tax and duty-free goods and services both on arrival and departure. This allows arriving visitors to stock up on tobacco, liquor, cosmetics, electronic goods and other gift items. The airport is not only about airport shopping though. Surrounded by Icelandic art, travellers can enjoy their coffee, meal and drinks in a quiet and relaxing airport.

Iceland is positioned right in the centre of the North Atlantic, and is often considered a sort of bridge between the east and the west. It is really easy to travel from Iceland to the USA or Europe and from there to Asia. Iceland is only 5 hours from the east coast of USA and 3 hours from the middle of Europe. One of KEF’s strengths is the ease of making flight connections; travellers are really satisfied and happy when it comes to changing flights at the airport because it takes only few minutes to exit an aeroplane and enter another. KEF is a refreshingly non-congested airport.

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