Finland discusses granting Guantanamo prisoners asylum

guantanamoFinland is considering giving political asylum to former prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, which is due to be closed down by the United States. The base will be shut down and about 40 prisoners being held in Guantanamo without trial will be sent to different countries, mostly in Europe, that will grant political asylum.

Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb told Helsingin Sanomat that there will be a meeting today concerning the prisoners’ political asylum cases. He continued to say that no decision will be made, but rather just discussions about the general situation.

“There have been contacts, but we have not yet had any official decisions with the government or the President [of Finland],” Stubb says. If Finland accepts the prisoners, they will undergo a background check and Finland will only accept a small number of prisoners. It is entirely Finland’s decision whether or not to grant asylum to the prisoners as the United States and the European Union have agreed that the decision is up to the individual countries.

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