Saving Iceland disrupts smelter construction

218034_63_previewThree members of the environmental pressure group Saving Iceland shackled themselves along the entrance road to the Helguvik aluminium smelter construction site this morning before 07.00. The protesters managed to stop vehicular access to the site, but were unable to block pedestrians.

A fourth protester demobilised a crane on the site in the same manner. Police arrived on the scene to talk with the protesters and clipped their chains roughly an hour after they started disrupting work. Nobody was arrested and the group has since left the site.

According to Audunn Kristbjorns- og Danfridarson, a Saving Iceland spokesman, 18 group members met at the Helguvik smelter site at 06.00 this morning to protest Iceland’s continued development of its aluminium smelting industry.


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