Methane car makes history in Iceland

iceland-sattelite2Retired athlete Einar Vilhjalmsson and television news journalist Omar Ragnarsson last weekend drove the ring road all the way round Iceland in a car powered by Icelandic methane. Never before has the ring road been navigated in a motor vehicle powered solely by Icelandic fuel.

Internet users were able to follow the car on its way round the country with satellite information on speed and location on a special map of Iceland.

The goal of the trip was to generate interest in the options presented by domestic fuel production and in methane cars as a cleaner, more efficient alternative to petrol and diesel. reports that methane vehicles are tax-exempt and plans are already underway to allow members of the public to convert their cars to run on the gas.

Iceland’s Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism, Katrin Juliusdottir met with the celebrity environmentalists on their return to Reykjavik and was photographed at the wheel of the car.

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