Swedish Pirate Party could be heading to Riksdag

pirate party swedenA new poll suggests that the upstart Pirate Party could secure its first-ever seats in Sweden’s Riksdag if they continue to attract youthful voters. A survey published in the Aftonbladet newspaper gave the Pirate Party 4.2 per cent of the electorate, which would be enough support to win seats in the Riksdag in a general election.

Carl Melin from the polling company United Minds was unreserved in his surprise that the Pirate Party is continuing to garner support from Sweden’s younger end of the voting spectrum. The political group, which runs on a platform of personal privacy issues, won an astonishing 7 per cent of the recent EU Parliament vote. This secured them a place in EU politics.

“It is a little surprising that they continue to enjoy support, but they have had a lot of attention. If I were to take a guess then the Pirate Party would not get in, but it is not unthinkable,” Melin told The Local newspaper. United Minds asked 1,914 online people “which party would you vote for if an election were held today (between June 24th and July 17th)”.

The far-right Sweden Democrats also did well in the same poll, taking 4.1 per cent of voter support. The rise in popularity of the Sweden Democrats, however, did surprise Melin that much. “They have been doing well for a while,” he commented.

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