BREAKING NEWS: United Airlines Emergency landing at Keflavik Airport

united airlines 767 Today at around 14:00 GMT a United Airlines Boeing 767 diverted to Keflavik Airport in Iceland and declared an emergency. According to sources, the airplane had smoke in the cockpit and cabin. There were 200 passengers on board the airplane. The airplane was en route from Europe to the USA. No reports of injuries have been made.

The captain announced that there was smoke coming from the cockpit and requested an emergency landing in Keflavik. The passengers are being moved into the Leif Eiriksson terminal at Keflavik Airport. It is not sure whether the airplane will continue on to its destination in America or not.

Keflavik airport is the main international airport and gateway into Iceland. It is located 50km west of the capital city of Reykjavik. Mainly airliner planes land at Keflavik. Most airlines that perform transatlantic flights between the USA and Europe and the other way around usually divert to Keflavik if needed to, due to its geographical location.

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