Reykjavik to Akureyri by bike in 12 hours

cycle competitionYesterday morning at 7am in Reykjavik, cyclists departing a small town in the capital region called Mosfellsbaer destined to Akureyri. This was the first cycling contest to take place this year between Rerykjavik and Akureyri. Cyclists arrived in Akureyri at the finish line a little before 7pm last night (Wednesday).The average speed of the cyclists was 39 km/hr (24 mph) and all cyclist completed the race and made it to Akureyri in 12 hours.

The contest was set up by The Youth Association of Iceland, locally known as Ungmennafélags Íslands, as a celebration of the 100 years of establishment of the organisation. Today the Youth Association of Iceland is located in Akureyri.

(Photo/ from Jon Kristjan Sigurdsson)