Preparations made for Copenhagen’s Climate Summit

generic-riot-policeCopenhagen residents are already voicing concerns about the disruption to their lives they will have to endure during the UN Climate Conference, which is scheduled for December. Climate activists are warning that as many as 100,000 people could fill the city’s streets in protest during the summit.

The announcement came from 140 activists representing groups from across the globe who met in Copenhagen earlier in June to map out their strategies for the summit. This notification has prompted Denmark to begin preparing for a major security operation.

According to, the activists stated they will protest against the elitism surrounding the summit, in which 15,000 world leaders and delegates will finalise a new version of the Kyoto Protocol. Peter Polder, a Dutch activist, told the media they will try to occupy the Bella Centre and hold their own one-day ‘people’s conference’.

Polder remarked: “The plan is to go in with a lot of people and push our way through the police blockades in a non-violent but confrontational way.” Copenhagen’s police department has plans to put 6,000 officers into action during the two-week conference. They have already been preparing for several months.

Flemming Steen Munch, a Copenhagen Police spokesman, told The Copenhagen Post they hope the demonstrators will behave in a democratic way and “are not preparing for violence”. Copenhagen’s Police Chief Superintendent Per Larsen tried to reassure residents at a neighbourhood meeting the summit would pass without major incident. But if things get ugly, he said the police are fully prepared to enforce order.

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